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What is a specialisation ?

A specialisation is a group of units that make up a key program, major, sub-major in an undergraduate course or specialisation within a postgraduate course.

  • A key program is made up of 160 credit points or more
  • A major is made up of 80 credit points (normally 8 courses)
  • A sub-major is made up of 40 credit points
  • A postgraduate specialisation is made up of at least 40 credit points

For example if you are enrolled in the Bachelor of Health Science you must select a key program in Health Promotion, Health Services Management or Therapeutic Recreation. You can also select a sub-major in addition to your key program, but this must be in a different discipline area to your key program.

To find out which key programs, majors, sub-majors or postgraduate specialisations form part of your course structure.

Do I have to select a specialisation ?

Some courses require you to complete a key program, major, sub-major as part of your undergraduate course or a postgraduate specialisation in a postgraduate course. If a key program, major, sub-major or postgraduate specialisation is required for your course structure.

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