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Change or cancel your enrolment

After you enrol, you can continue to add or drop classes until the last day to add and last day to drop.

On a student visa? If you're an international student, make sure any enrolment changes aren't in breach of your general student visa conditions.

You must be enrolled in a full-time CRICOS registered program and complete your studies within the expected time that is shown on your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).​

To complete your program in the expected duration, in most cases you will need to be enrolled full-time each semester.​

If you don’t maintain a full-time load, and don’t complete your program within the expected duration, you may not be eligible for a new CoE, which you will need in order to extend your visa.​

Student visa holders have a maximum of eight weeks break between programs. If you finish your pathway program and have more than an eight-week gap, you need to leave Australia or enrol in alternative study during the interim.​

Satisfactory academic progress is a condition of your student visa. Failure to achieve this will lead to you being considered "at risk" and can lead to exclusion from your program.

Some programs also have an attendance requirement. Foundation Studies and VCE require that you have a minimum of 80 per cent attendance.​

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